This is the digital gallery of Valter Eriksen. It’s safe for work… for now.


My name is Valter Eriksen. Born 1979 in Bodø, Norway.

I studied fine arts as well as model design and special effects at Einar Granum Kunstfagskole in Oslo. Currently studying sculpture, arduino and various other fun stuff at Stan Winston School of Character Arts

My main art projects are compositions of metal, such as  humanoid and animal sculptures, using raw materials I find in dumpsters, by the ocean or in abandoned industry buildings.

Whenever I stumble upon something truly beautiful, such as a half-decayed moose-head, or the legs of a king crab, I incoroprate it into my pieces to add panache and style.

Most of my work is done at Kreativt Gjenbrukssenter i Salten, while the paintings and clay sculptures are done in my shed at home.

Most of the things displayed on this site are for sale, including my soul.


If you feel a mighty need to communicate with me, go ahead!