I just make stuff. Might as well display it. Some bad, some good.

I paint and draw with the innate artistic finesse of an amoeba. Give me a few weeks and I’ll produce something… creative. Give me the same time with clay or anything else malleable I can get my pseudopods on, and we’re starting to see something interesting.  Woodwork and welding… somewhat sturdy, but it ain’t purty. Mixed media assemblage is always fun. Animals, bodies, faces, dancers, fantasy creatures, heavy metal training flails, shapes of undifferentiated tissue, cute wood toys, humanoid standing gardens, sawblade helmets, tree-ballerinas, giant spider grills, Ant fortresses, birdhaus, bumblebeehaus, barely framed hypothetical future sex-organ displays, burnt wood pc cases, pareidolic funny faces, styrofoam fantasy places… you know, the usual artsy stuff.

Contact me if you need something made, or wish to buy or sell something. We’ll figure it out.