My main activity is finding decrepit pieces of metal and welding them together to create a somewhat coherent and recognizeable form.


“Boy” 2015

An unnecessarily heavy lamp made from an old iron can, rusty chains, autoparts and some scraps. Made for Elvelangs Bodø 2015.


“Intro” 2015

short for introspective/introvert/introduction, because I’m in a hurry when naming works. An angel sitting on a flower, looking at the inside of its own face. Because why wouldn’t it? Made as a gift for Kirkens Bymisjon Englefabrikken Bodø.


“Centaur” 2016

Unfinished concept design of a handicapped old centaur holding a flower. If I ever get back to this one, I’ll discard everything but the wheels and cow’s head. And possibly the flower, which turned out quite nice. My intention  is to make a taller, beefier, more anatomical piece, but as it turns out, the base skeleton is barely able to uphold its own weight (200 kg) as it stands, so a complete rework is in order. The whole thing is modular, like rusty legos, for ease of transport. At the time, I do not own a mobile crane.


“Heron” 2016

4m wingspan heron made for “Aksjon beskjønning” Bodø 2016. Everybody seems to like this one except me. Here displayed in Stormen, Bodø for Nordlandskonferansen 2016.