Ever wonder how to take the perfect selfie? Well, here you go. You’re welcome.


First, make a replica of your face using a hot glue gun, building it up layer by layer until it looks completely like yourself. Then add a few pieces of skin made from latex mixed with acrylic paints. Your trusty old glue gun can be used to add some veins on the skin, signifying your health and vitality. Applying a hot air gun will make the glue strands a bit melty and amusing.

Then you add a few sticks, peas, a dried potato and a few of your old dried avocado shells, give it all a healthy helping of glue and more latex.

Then make sure to paint it with vibrant, sexy earth tones.

Don’t forget to paint the inside of your open, decomposing face!


And voila! there you have it. Your very own selfie!


Afterwards, you may spoil yourself and celebrate with a beautiful cake!