Sometimes, (not all the time, don’t be crazy now) I make a little maquette.

And the maquette grows and grows, changes features and limbs…

Spawning out a bit too far happens now and again. What you do then is just tear it all apart, and make something good(ish) from all the funny giblets. 



Sometimes, I just get the urge to smoosh something together using whatever I can get my hands on. A lot of bones and animal material usually goes into these projects, as do glue, wire and foam.


Soul Collector -SOLD


Selfie 2014

A playful take on my own visage using a plethora of materials like sticks, bones, avocado shells, peas (obviously) hot glue, acrylics, coffee and latex. I was later informed by a co-worker in the kindergarden that this work perfectly reflected my life situation.


ID like a boiled Ego 2012